we're getting there

well, we're getting there.
everything finally showed up from hawaii, though it wasn't in the best of conditions...
everyone has moved and everyone knows that it's stressful.
we began to unbox and were quickly overwhelmed.
 toby was the most overwhelmed.
 ps- check out this fantastic new toy for toby!
it was a gift from his favorite aunt haley!
 ugh what a mess.
 and we got our bikes back!!
we were so happy!!
 and chauncey arrived in one, unscratched or chipped, piece.
(huge sigh of relief)
 can you spot the tobe?
i'll be sharing some really fun pictures with you soon soon soon!
and our new furniture is due to arrive soon...

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  1. Let me know if you need a break from unpacking! I'm just down the road from you now!!