we moved... again!

for those of you eagerly awaiting the next edition of lindsey and andrew's "just moved" announcements- get ready- there's a brand new one coming your way!

since returning from hawaii we have debated and debated about where to go next.  if you have ever met me, you have probably heard me declare "i will never live in dallas again" or "dallas is so not my scene" or even "i would rather live in the tundra than in dallas!"  in short, i have never planned on moving back to the big d.

but, wouldn't you know it, things never go as planned-
and this week we moved into a little dallas apartment!

so here we are! back in our old stomping grounds. despite great resistance, we have decided a year in dallas will be best for job hunting and future planning. but enough of all that boring nonsense- on to the new place!

 it is definitely small, but it's right in the middle of downtown and there are many possibilities for great fun
 our building was built in 1904 and it still has all the class of that era.
luckily small things have been updated (kitchen, bathroom, etc) so everything works, but there are lots of original things- just dripping with charm.
 and here is our view (through very dirty windows)!  we have five beautiful windows that look out on downtown.  that building in the middle is the ever-recognizable green building!
 the floors are my favorite.
 we moved in some furniture and toby.
 he had a bit of trouble adjusting to apartment life, but our close proximity to a park, plus all the other dogs and their walkers, has made the transition much more exciting.
 we have tall ceilings that makes the small space seem bigger.
sooner or later we will be receiving our box of possessions from hawaii (i know, its unbelievable that it hasn't showed up yet) and then all will be complete.
(many more photos to come!)
 last weekend, andrew and i visited the dallas farmers market.
 it was delightful!  and we got all kinds of local/organic fruit and veg.
 and we have some little happy plants by the window.
 and we spent our first night watching batman returns (duh),
and suddenly it began to feel like home!
austin: i miss you, and i promise i will see you again.
austin friends: get ready for us to invade you guest rooms, couches, and dog houses until you are absolutely sick of us!!
dallas: let's do this.


  1. Umm, you are officially a bike ride away from me! For lunch or breakfast try Metropolitan Cafe on Main. It's yummy!

  2. that is going to be quite a gym commute for me, but i'm willing to negotiate. maybe we could just each run to waco and high-five.