austin on my mind

last weekend we did our annual acl weekend in austin!
andrew and i got to go down a day early to spend some time with our favorite friends!
jon and haley let us stay at their house it was so nice to be back.
i sat outside and enjoyed the pond (jon's backyard masterpiece).
austin has been seriously lacking in the rain department... all the plants are getting kind of crispy.
 but the lilly pads are green and lovely!
 we also got to spend some quality time with toby's best austin friends:
 putting on his cute puppy face
 and gus!
 we chilled and ate pizza
 no pizza for gus, though.
 and now i have to introduce a new member of jon and haley's animal kingdom family!
slasher kitty!!
 this little one was found injured and near death outside of their house,
and jon and haley could never turn away an animal in need!
they had him stitched up he is looking good as new-
and absolutely adorable.
jon and haley, thanks so much for hosting us and i can't wait to come back (but next time for a bit longer).
more acl pictures to come!

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