i may be biased, but i wouldn't lie! (a review of private social)

i am delighted to introduce my blog readers to the best new restaurant in dallas:
private ❘ social
patrick halbert (my cousin), andy austin, and chef tiffany derry (you may know her from top chef) have just opened their doors on mckinney  avenue, and introduced dallas to the perfect marriage of upscale private dining and a relaxed social lounge.
i had the privilege of sampling nearly every menu item and not a single one was a disappointment.
 chef tiffany started us off with a caviar topped quail egg that was just as simple and perfect as it looks.
 then we sampled the thai mussels.
of everything on the menu, the mussels might be my favorite. they are cooked in a coconut curry broth perfectly accented with lemongrass and cilantro. i fork jousted with the other three people at my table for these babies and may have eaten more than my fair share...
 we got a side of truffle fries and wow! they are skinny and crispy and absolute perfection!
i say "a" side but as soon as these were gone we got "a-nother" side....
 next we had lettuce wraps.
aaaaaaaaall those little cups are for the lettuce wraps.
cucumber, diced ginger, carrots, tomatoes, pickled ginger, mandarin oranges, radishes, cilantro, and really spicy little chili peppers!  there are more, i just can't remember them all.
these seriously blew me away.
 ohhh and the fried chicken.
fried chicken is off limits to the gluten intolerant (such as myself), but did i try it??
you bet your ass i did! of course not.
crispy, juicy, just enough spicy, just enough flavor-
 scallops are my all time favorite food.
i know how to cook a scallop (if i may pat myself on the back),
but not like this.
these scallops are outrageous.  try em.
 if that stuff didn't look good, you are insane i also recommend:
pork buns
braised oxtails
white sturgeon
korean bbq short ribs
trio dip (hummus and such)
really just any of it.
in the entrance, there is a stunning wine rack filled to the brim with an amazing selection of wines.
 we sipped a wine called "mischief and mayhem" and chuckled at the appropriateness of such a name.

friday night was the vip opening party at p❘s.
there was a red carpet, top chefs, beautiful women, and all kinds of famous people (and wannabe famous people too).
we got dressed up in our friday night finest, mingled with people, and sipped fancy cocktails.
 it was so much fun!
 there i am with my handsome date.
 and there is michael (another cousin) with his beautiful date paige
 the girls were lookin fancy on the red carpet!
 and of course the boys were too.
 what an amazing night it was!!
patrick, andy, tiffany, we are so proud of you guys!

if any of my readers are thinking "hmm that sounds fabulous, but who should i bring along to p❘s?"
the answer: me.



austin on my mind

last weekend we did our annual acl weekend in austin!
andrew and i got to go down a day early to spend some time with our favorite friends!
jon and haley let us stay at their house it was so nice to be back.
i sat outside and enjoyed the pond (jon's backyard masterpiece).
austin has been seriously lacking in the rain department... all the plants are getting kind of crispy.
 but the lilly pads are green and lovely!
 we also got to spend some quality time with toby's best austin friends:
 putting on his cute puppy face
 and gus!
 we chilled and ate pizza
 no pizza for gus, though.
 and now i have to introduce a new member of jon and haley's animal kingdom family!
slasher kitty!!
 this little one was found injured and near death outside of their house,
and jon and haley could never turn away an animal in need!
they had him stitched up he is looking good as new-
and absolutely adorable.
jon and haley, thanks so much for hosting us and i can't wait to come back (but next time for a bit longer).
more acl pictures to come!


toby, a fashion forward animal

seeing as we've just moved (again), it is time for a new tag for toby's collar!
i found hattie rex on etsy and fell in love.
she makes people jewelry and dog jewelry, and there were so many cute ones i could barely pick! 
and today, my order arrived!
with such cute packaging...
 i'm obsessed.  i love that it's square and small and unique.
 toby was feeling camera shy and refused to pose for any of these pictures.
but isn't his new look handsome??
 he can't wait to model it at the dog park...
he will be the talk of the town.
have a fun weekend!


we're getting there

well, we're getting there.
everything finally showed up from hawaii, though it wasn't in the best of conditions...
everyone has moved and everyone knows that it's stressful.
we began to unbox and were quickly overwhelmed.
 toby was the most overwhelmed.
 ps- check out this fantastic new toy for toby!
it was a gift from his favorite aunt haley!
 ugh what a mess.
 and we got our bikes back!!
we were so happy!!
 and chauncey arrived in one, unscratched or chipped, piece.
(huge sigh of relief)
 can you spot the tobe?
i'll be sharing some really fun pictures with you soon soon soon!
and our new furniture is due to arrive soon...


we moved... again!

for those of you eagerly awaiting the next edition of lindsey and andrew's "just moved" announcements- get ready- there's a brand new one coming your way!

since returning from hawaii we have debated and debated about where to go next.  if you have ever met me, you have probably heard me declare "i will never live in dallas again" or "dallas is so not my scene" or even "i would rather live in the tundra than in dallas!"  in short, i have never planned on moving back to the big d.

but, wouldn't you know it, things never go as planned-
and this week we moved into a little dallas apartment!

so here we are! back in our old stomping grounds. despite great resistance, we have decided a year in dallas will be best for job hunting and future planning. but enough of all that boring nonsense- on to the new place!

 it is definitely small, but it's right in the middle of downtown and there are many possibilities for great fun
 our building was built in 1904 and it still has all the class of that era.
luckily small things have been updated (kitchen, bathroom, etc) so everything works, but there are lots of original things- just dripping with charm.
 and here is our view (through very dirty windows)!  we have five beautiful windows that look out on downtown.  that building in the middle is the ever-recognizable green building!
 the floors are my favorite.
 we moved in some furniture and toby.
 he had a bit of trouble adjusting to apartment life, but our close proximity to a park, plus all the other dogs and their walkers, has made the transition much more exciting.
 we have tall ceilings that makes the small space seem bigger.
sooner or later we will be receiving our box of possessions from hawaii (i know, its unbelievable that it hasn't showed up yet) and then all will be complete.
(many more photos to come!)
 last weekend, andrew and i visited the dallas farmers market.
 it was delightful!  and we got all kinds of local/organic fruit and veg.
 and we have some little happy plants by the window.
 and we spent our first night watching batman returns (duh),
and suddenly it began to feel like home!
austin: i miss you, and i promise i will see you again.
austin friends: get ready for us to invade you guest rooms, couches, and dog houses until you are absolutely sick of us!!
dallas: let's do this.