toby's seaside souvenir

true story: i believe that half the reason people vacation in seaside is so that they can be seen, back home, wearing the signature "seaside" tshirts.  in other words, you can't leave without buying one of these shirts/tacky-hoodless-sweatshirts.
(note the t-h-s below that i purchased for myself..)
of course i couldn't leave toby behind on a beach trip without bringing him home a special souvenir...
so i found a seaside shirt sized for puppies!
i tried to make him pose for a picture, but all he could think about was lunch.
 bailey photo bombed and undoubtedly poked fun at toby during the shoot.
finally got one, and 
look at that handsome tobe!
it was the best i could do to make up for leaving him behind.

tomorrow i'll have pictures from our adventure at a texas winery!  check back soon!

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