texas wine country

remember how i told you about our weekend away at cedar creek and how we went to a texas winery??
now i will show you that adventure:

my mom has a 1946 woodie named "chester."
one afternoon (during an ultra relaxing lake weekend) chester escorted us to a small east texas winery.
chester's driver seat:
and his little round rearview mirrors:
that's my mom, the proud owner of sir woodie.
we sat in the back seat (there are three rows of seats and they are huge)
on the way we past this lost hay.
and we repped the ke'ohana logo!
andrew and his parents, cruisin.
at last we arrived in athens and pulled up to...
there is a big house (that is also a bed and breakfast) sitting right on the edge of the vineyard.
(if you are wondering how grapes are surviving this terrible texas heat, you are not alone. i too don't understand this)
we pulled up to the restaurant and disembarked chester and his lack of air conditioning.
there you can see their list of texas wines:
they have the most amazing chef that prepared us all sorts of delicious treats.
to start we had a sampling of cheese and grapes that tasted like candy.
there was a bruschetta with tomato and basil and one with salmon and goat cheese.  i ate them without the bread and they were still heavenly!
we tasted all kinds of wines; we had reds, whites, sweet, and dry, dessert wine, and dinner wine!
there are some of the bottles:
there's me, loving every sip/bite!
there is the kitchen with our amazing chef hard at work:
after a marathon food/drink parade, we got to go out back and see where the wine is made.  these big things hold the juice.
(any wine connoisseur reading this will undoubtedly be amused at my lack of correct term usage)
lots of barrels....
stacks and stacks of wine barrels line the walls:
then we got to go see the grapes!
there is a vineyard doggy that was very friendly and especially fancied nannette!
there is the grape juice juicing out.
the grapes were all so pretty and they were piled up in a gigantic bin!
we took pictures and marveled at how beautiful everything was.  the elegance of wine country meets a little texas charm.
we had such a fun day!
and everyone agreed that jon and linda find the best places to adventure to.
we all climbed back into chester's seats and headed back home.
everyone was full and happy!
this is our "yeah we roll in a car named 'chester,' what of it??" face:
there's me and my mom!
and lovely nannette riding shotgun:
stu got some texas wine to take back home- yum!
and so we parked chester back in his little house
(right next to his "best in show" car show trophy).
after a nice stroll around the property,
we went and fed the puppies dinner.
linda caught up on her reading with bailey.
and everyone took a little nap.
toby got a little evening sun.
and we had a relax out on the dock.
toby, andrew, and myself decided it was paddle board time.
there i go!
and there go my boys!
it was a successful paddle.  we returned just in time for an amazing sunset.
dinky was sleepy!
but she gave the camera a little wink:
toby and bailey started to melt, so they cooled off together on a comfy chair.
but even the shade wasn't enough...
toby was a pooped pup.
look at that texas sunset!
never a disappointment...
there was even a smidgen of rain!
of course it didn't last long... but we got excited.
hey ange..
the day was perfection!
thank you, tara winery!  we can't wait to see you again!

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  1. why have i never known about that beautiful car?