ready for a flashback??

first, happy 200th blog post to us! here's to 200 more!

all my absence has been largely due to party planning. my favorite sister (heather) is turning 18 this week and in honor of her entering adulthood, i wanted to throw her a big party!
seeing as her birth year is 1993, we made it a 90's themed party (yes, it has been long enough to start doing that- get over it). everyone was required to dress in 90's attire. heather's friends did not disappoint!
they raided their mothers closets, shopped the best of goodwill, and got really creative!
 birthday girl, heather!
 and there i am...
of course that color green had to be involved. my hair was half up half down, my eyeshadow was intense and over done, and my lip liner was 15 shades darker than my lipstick.  of course this outfit was completed with a backpack purse and some really tall "mudd" shoes.
 jenna got her clothes from her mother. the scrunchied side pony really tied it all together.
 andrew rocked the acid wash, a classic 90's tee, high tops, and a vest.  of course he also had the zach morris hair.
there we are! just like saved by the bell!
 there are the tall socks and a glimpse of my backpack purse!
 and of course my "bob dole for president" button.
in addition to an invitation, our guests each received a "wwhd" bracelet.  "wwjd" bracelets were super hot in the 90's, but we thought "heather" was more appropriate for this occasion.
 there was a candy bar and old 90's photos of heather sat all around.
 the table centerpieces were little flowers with teenie beanies in them. regular beanies sat around the base of them and each table had pogs scattered around.
all these items are available in mass on ebay...
in the background you can see two of the 20 movie posters i hung. each was a film released in 1993 (and i was amazed at how many amazing movies came out that year!!).
chloe brought her crimper and we put it to use on mackenzie's hair. she suddenly looked like one of the sisters on full house.
ladies and gentlemen!! let me introduce you to my parents (18 years ago)!!!
linda is wearing a fabulous plaid shirt with shoulder pads and a long skirt to match. her hair is pinned back in a big bow. jon is rocking his actual glasses from the 90's and a jazz fest tshirt from 1993!
it was beautiful.
i'm sure everyone remembers the nickelodeon show "all that."
we made heather's birthday cake to look like the logo from the show.
and there were old pictures of heather all over the place.
there's me and my mother just before the party:
and here is the whole fam!
(minus alex, who was missed)
the party was at a place in downtown dallas called
the venue looks amazing, but if you are a party planner that needs organization and a very professional staff, this place isn't for you. the owner is difficult to reach and his right hand man borders on obnoxious (though well intended) and scatterbrained. in the end, however, everything came out perfectly.
huge shout out to my darling lanier ladies (dee and katie) that came oh so early and helped with the decorations!
and so it was time for the party to begin...
heath was looking fabulous.
chloe was britney spears from her "baby one more time" video.
guests began to arrive and each look was better than the last!
preston dug up a ross perot hat.
the boys took shots of our skittle decor.
and jenna had a blue ring pop.
make that katie and jenna.
once the sun went down, the dance party began.
hey ladies!
get it.
luke had a fantastic windbreaker.
there was a photo booth!
and andrew and i took pictures all night.
at cake cutting time, everyone gathered 'round and linda lit the candles.
happy birthday, heath!!
the boys had all kinds of moves.
i think they are reeling someone in here..
dancing in flannel!
another flaw of "off the grid" is the lack of air conditioning.
the fan was a friend to many dancers.
katie and jenna took a break from the dancing.
but andrew did not take a break from that vest.
this was the best prop of the night:
what a cool place!
the stairs were covered in christmas lights.
heath was wiped out..
denim purse:
photo strips and skittle spills:
mom jeans:
and this is terrence (the most wonderful party dj ever!) that played all the greatest 90's jams (plus lots of current jams that i did not know at all).
what a party it was!
there's me:
half eaten cake:
the girls were exhausted,
but so happy!
this is their classic "party girl pic."
heather and katie had a warhead eating contest before the night was over.
the party was a huge success!
thank you to everyone that came and dressed up and a double thank you to everyone that helped out!!

happy 18th birthday heather!
1993 was a very special year.


  1. bob dole doesn't need this.

  2. oh my gosh i freakin love this party. love it. love the family pic the most though. jon and linda are killing me with the flashback to my teen years. YOU are an awesome sister, party planner and cousin. love this.