bath day photos brought to you by heather ann halbert

the doggies needed a bath.
you would think the cold water would be nice on a hot summer day.
but for toby, it is torture.
bailey already had her bath.
and she wasn't loving it.
toby resisted,
but ultimately he lost.
and soon...
he was clean!
but frustrated...
eventually he forgave me.
bailey sympathized.
e.t. toby
toby-wan kenobi
they weren't invited in since their furs were still wet.
and this caused distress.
hope your weekend didn't involve any traumatic experiences!
much love


cupcakes and pupcakes

remember my sister heather's birthday?
yeah, well that is also the anniversary of the day we adopted my dog toby and her dog bailey.
every birthday girl needs cupcakes on her special day, so we picked up an assortment from sprinkles.
toby was envious...
we crafted birthday hats and forced them to wear them.
and we got a single doggie cupcake for the two of them to share.
toby wasn't feeling the hat...
and the hat wasn't feeling tobe...
i propped it up.
"happy birthday" heather!
they were confused about who's cupcake that was...
bailey wondered if it was her cupcake...
and toby wondered if he could snatch it from bailey...
then heather got a knife from the drawer!
and lindsey took off the wrapper...
toby asked, "is this real life??"
i chopped it in two puppy halves.
bailey jumped in first and toby felt jealousy.
then he realized he had a half all for himself!
and in a flash it was gone.
munch munch munch...
no more pupcake...
heather and i sampled the people cupcake icing.
she sliced off a sliver of each one, and, i hear, they were amazing.
thanks, sprinkles!  your cupcakes are as good as your pupcakes!


ten man wolfpack

 at the last minute, andrew and i jumped in on a vegas trip with a bunch of my cousins!
the last time i went to lv was when i was 19 (obviously too young to really experience vegas).
it was a quick trip, but so much fun..

so let me tell you about it!

our first night began at the double helix wine bar in the palazzo (our hotel).
 shannon was sparkling in her silver sequin vegas dress.
 we all toasted with pink champagne and cocktails in celebration of jeff and kristen's 7 year anniversary!
 patrick and his favorite ladies:
 and there is the whole halbert fam!
 and there is the extended fam!
thank austin (who is still on the waiting list to be in the fam) for taking the picture.
his charm and humor are behind those 100% real smiles.
 patrick got a chimay.
 and i got a double helix label wine:
(follow me on instagram!)
 double helix was excellent!
we then had a late dinner at lavo (also at the palazzo).
i highly recommend the veal parmesan and the gigantic meatball appetizer (who knows what they actually call it, but it's amazing).
we wrapped up dinner around midnight and sent the sleepy heads off to their hotel rooms.
the party people limo-ed over to...
 and kristen was ready for the dance party!
 all but one of our halbert ladies:
(heather you were greatly missed)
we had a table waiting for us. 
we are fancy, huh?
 bond was cool.  i can probably count on a single hand how many nightclubs i have been to in my life (probably because it takes me about two years to recover from one).  however, i can tell you that i had a great time at this place!  everything was sparkly and swanky and the music was deafening.
most importantly, there were cubicles up in the sky that held dancing women.
 we danced and danced!
 oh and this is austin:
 and this is austin watching one of the dancers ascend into her dancing cubical:
party people:

 cheers to vegas!
 i was about to type "the night got a little blurry"
and then i scolded myself for excessive cheesiness..
 cousin dance parties are always the best dance parties.

 we weren't actually at lavo... but i liked this picture.
we lounged.
 we laughed.
 we danced.
 we posed for too many pictures..
 and it was a fabulous night!
 the next morning (noon) rolled around and we headed for the pool.
we tanned and swam and ate.
it was sunny and hot! 
 my taste buds peer pressured me into drinking these pomegranate mojitos (most delicious thing ever) and some sparkling white sangria!
 side note:
this humored me.
 afternoon snack of spicy guacamole and habenero salsa!
(andrew was in heaven)
 sunday evening, everyone went to the celine dion concert.
andrew and i went, instead, to the beatles "love" cirque du soleil show!
 we got dressed up and walked around town before the show.
 there is our hotel from the outside 
(ps- i highly recommend the palazzo!)
 walking into the show is overwhelming!
one of the ceilings was covered in circle mirrors.
and this is the entrance hallway.
 you can buy cocktails that are named after famous beatles songs.
we got a "can't buy me love" and a "hard day's night"- both were amazing!
 here is another crazy looking ceiling:
 we were so excited!
i have been wanting to see this show ever since it first opened...
 of course there were no photos allowed in the show, so you will either have to see it or use your imagination.  hints: elaborate costumes, bright colors, acrobatics, amazing music, bubbles, smoke, lights, and tons of surprises!
we walked out on a cloud of happiness!
 and walked down the busy streets to meet the rest of our crew.
 celine got rave reviews from everyone else and we all talked at once, recounting our favorite parts.
and sunday was officially jeff and kristen's anniversary!
congratulations, guys! you are two of my favorite people on earth and i'm so glad you found each other!
 dinner was at mesa grill.
i hate to give a bad review, but i found it to be far to rich and heavy, and none of the dishes really impressed me.  sorry, bobby flay, i give you a thumbs down.
 i also had a margarita.
 we spent the evening reminiscing about kristen and jeff's first meeting and first dates.
again, congratulations! may there be many many more!
 after a very successful night of roulette, i won back all the money i had lost that weekend and didn't go to sleep until 4! the next morning we were groggy.
 we sat by a fountain,
 and drank lots of coffee.
thank you for showing us such a good time las vegas and family!
now i need about two years of recovery time!