sandcastles in seaside

first of all, last week i got to experience an amazing east texas winery with my family and i can't wait to show you pictures from it! unfortunately i'm out of town and the pictures aren't with me (boo). so expect that once i'm home.  

toby was terribly sad to see me packing..
so where did i go, you ask??

every year my sister, her friends, and their mothers come to florida for some beach action. they stay in adorable seaside (where the truman show was filmed), and shack up in a painfully cute house with a wrap around porch. this year myself and two other older siblings got invited along.
poor me, right??
here we are having coffee on that porch i mentioned.
 and here are my toes in the sand.

the beach is white white white and the ocean is blue blue green.
 we have spent most of the last 48 hours in beach chairs.
this little bridge is lined with hand blown glass cat tails (which we just discovered have lights in them).
  another great thing about this area is that everyone bikes. every vacationer rents big cruiser bikes and that's how you get around. i'm telling you, it couldn't be more picturesque.
here is brittney on her bike.
 lilly pads!
here we are (the older siblings- meagan, me, britt) out on the town!
 there are some hilarious and stereotypical elements of this part of florida. it reeks of  rich white tourism. all the moms are far thinner and more hip than i am, and every single male wears boat shoes, khakis, and polos (the frat uniform).
white people as far as the eye can see!
 but beyond the stereotypes, it's beautiful.
chloe and i endeavored to build a sandcastle on day one. the sandcastle quickly became an overweight sand fellow. in his right hand he holds a beverage and in his left a fish.
the fish smelled...
the next day i had lunch with meagan and brittney at a raw food stand called raw and juicy. they have raw, vegan, and gluten free foods. i got a sandwich that was all three. it also was the most delicious thing on this planet.
 raw onion bread and in house live mustard. avacado and tomato and cucumber.... side of fresh plum and cantaloupe.  ahh!!  so good.
after lunch and some shopping, chloe and i re-visited the sand castle idea.
 the clouds were melting over us.
 and i was getting more sun burned by the minute.
 there on the left is chloe's bf- matt. on the right is sam (the man). they played some epic friz in the ocean.
 umbrellas forever!
 here is chloe working tirelessly on our mayan temple-esque sandcastle.
 and brittney reading her cute little nook.
 once we pried matt away from his friz, he rejoined the sandcastle party.
 and after some failed bridge building attempts, we finally completed the moat.
 it was all business and surgical precision. 
 look at those gardens on either side!
 matt even stole another child's toy for moat purposes.
 ahh the finished product. sandcastle perfection.
 and a perfect moat/bridge!
 here we are: expert castle builders.
 more seaside adventures coming soon- and surely more sandcastles!!


  1. I WANT MORE PICTURES!! These are amazing!! i love them all!

    you are hilar.