right near da beach

hey again from seaside!
 having so much fun with mom and sis.
today i played in the waves for hours! 
 this is why the water is so green...
 we played some more friz. katie gave her best effort.
(for the record: i found bucket loads of this inside my swimsuit this afternoon..)
chloe was made into a turtletaub sandwich during this epic friz battle!
heath and chlo took pics.
and here i am with the girls.  can you see my tan line??
again, we made an epic sandcastle. this time it was an octopus.
all eight arms were represented.
we went to a fancy dinner and it was so fun!  here are me and the girls all dressed up.
and here i am with my fam.
all the sisters!
and here is the whole lanier fam!
dinner was decadent.  the sandcastle was a hit.  tan-ness has been accomplished.
thank you, seaside!

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