out with the old and in with the new do

i hope you haven't totally forgotten about us!  i have been the busiest bee and it has really impacted toby the dog blog...

so to catch you up:  andrew chopped off his hair!
 look at that hair!  beautiful but definitely needing a trim..  also there were a few dreadlocks (unintentional ones).
 of course i documented the big moment.  one, two, three- chop!
in case you ever wanted to know what andrew would look like with a bob...
he would look like this:
we brought some old "short hair" pictures to model the cut after.  and there is the 12 plus inches of ex hair!
and even a dread...
just give me the "jack from titanic" look.
that evening we had a celebratory/reunion dinner out with patrick and shannon. here andrew is rocking the new style!
turns out the, "i'll never let go" wasn't exactly what andrew had been shooting for.  he went back a few days later and got his previous style revised.  now his hair looks perfect and he is as handsome as ever!  welcome back, short-haired andrew!!
hope everyone is enjoying the hot hot summer!
i promise i'll be posting regularly again.
*lots of love and puppy kisses*


  1. Love the new do! ...hey lady, your facebook follow on your blog page is actually the link to follow Facebook. When you set it up you have to change the link info to your info.

  2. oh my gosh i thought his hair was short!!! i LOVE IT!! I LOVE YOU and i cant wait to see you!!