home at last

yes we are officially home!
there was a huge lack of blogging due to a lot of crazy moving, partying, exhaustion, and overall business.  we touched down in dallas, went and ate mexican food, then drove to cedar creek lake for the fourth of july.  the 4th was absurdly fun, and i can't wait to tell y'all about it... (pictures coming soon)

it seems surreal now to even think about little hilo...
here is toby on our last day:
 everything got packed up and sent away on a boat.
 and toby traveled beside our feet in a little bag for 24 whole hours!  and he didn't even pee the bag.  i was so proud of my little man!  he got many many treats and kisses once we were back on texas soil.
 we spent our last day by the water and had beautiful weather and great surf waves.  it was a fond farewell...
and for all my texans, let me just say- i love texas one million times more now.  hawaii taught me that even paradise pales in comparison to one's home.  i will never forget all the fun and wonderfulness that hilo brought us, but there is seriously no place like home.

now keep checking back- my fourth of july post is full of stories to tell!!

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