christmas in july

4th of july 2011- as promised!

wow, we had so much fun.  it was like intense how much fun we had.
heather and i left dallas thursday morning and drove out to cedar creek with toby (who is, clearly, still jet lagged).
 i was rocking my "party in the usa" tee.
 we decorated as many inches as possible.
and the sky was just sparkling.
 once all the guests arrived, we jumped right into the second annual lake olympics.  lake olympics is a series of games throughout 4th of july weekend.  all the wins are totaled and a champion is crowned at the end.  the friday night game was a minute to win it tournament.

here, haley is representing our blue team in the dice stacking competition.  the goal is to stack five dice on a popsicle stick that you balance in your mouth.  there were two rounds and each was quite heated.
 this game is the "go nuts" competition.  the winner is the first to stack 8 nut/bolt bars on top of each other using only the ruler that they are balanced on.  it is beyond difficult and the halbert family showed their dexterity in each round.  ultimately, nickie brought it home with a big win for the red team.
 here is the winning stack!
 the next day began with a big breakfast and swimming.
 my father recently invested in paddle boards for the pond and they were an instant hit.  here is jon fending off haley.
 and here is jonathan being overly bossy, as usual.  (jk my love)
 thats my bro- the instant paddle board king!
 zach is a fierce competitor.  clearly, he is pumped.
 zach and riddel:
 jon and haley went doubles on the slide!
 and afterwards, jon explained how his ankle was twisted off of his leg in the process of two man sliding.
 hey, jon.  nice glasses sticker.
 there's my mom and dad!
 i like this picture because you can see nickie using her body as a cup holder.
 myself, being chief game coordinator, was in control of the megaphone.  it was, most likely, obnoxious, but quite a necessary tool in game explanation.
 thumbs up, andrew!
 and so the second lake olympics competition began!  paddle board relay!!
 alex and jon kicked off the competition, and it was a close race!
 peyton also turned out to be an instant expert.  here we go, blue team!
 the final two laps of the relay required a passenger.  this is a harder task than one might think..
 blue team defeated white team in round one.  here is blue team taking on red team for the second round!
 zach and toby observed and cheered.
 heather and i were a doubles lap and we were exhausted by round two!
 finally, the final lap!  it was a neck and neck doubles race!!
 team blue was totally dominating!!
 but it was ultimately the red team that pulled out the win!!!
 afterwards we retired to the canoe club for lunch.
 red, white, and blue flowers all around!
 sandwiches.... yum
 and plenty of tanning/hot tubbing to be had.
 craig and johnny practiced their golf swings.
 and i tried to pose johnny for an ultra american patriotic photo.
 hey guys!
 much laughing and chatting in the water.
 even smooching!
 zach and alex pride themselves in their eating.  they built epic sandwiches.
 complete with a flag on top.
 toby went for a ride in the golf cart, but was terrified by the loud noises that come with fireworks plus air show... sadly, he had to be locked indoors.
 every year, the pinnacle club puts on a huge air show for the 4th of july.  this year did not disappoint!  it begins just as the sun starts to go down.
 by the way, here are the backs of this year's t-shirts.  (modeled by chris and dave)
 heather took this sweet picture of one of the planes in the sunset.
 and there is me and my dad.
 i have really awesome friends, btw.
 what up, air show??
 the sunset was perfection!
 as were the planes!
 we all watched excitedly.
 here is alex, his brew, and a large mass of hair.
 everyone wore their red white and blue lei's!
 can you believe the sky??
 after the air show we cooked masses of burgers.  there was also an extravagant spread of fried foods...  what else would be appropriate for such a holiday??  we had french fries, fried pickles, and fried jalapenos....  oh my goodness.  yum.  sooooo yum...
 there was some night sliding and maybe a bottle of champagne.  ultimately, saturday night was a complete success!
 here are my favorite tca senior women:
 and my favorite moms + one adorable daughter:
 there may have been some daytime cocktails...
 obviously completed by tiny american flags:
 there were more games that were (sadly) not captured.  they were very intense and awesome and the blue team took home the win for 2011.  look for our names on the trophy next year!
 we had a huge spread of appetizers that were delish.  check me out back there literally scooping bean dip into my mouth.
 and here i am with my mom (the best).
andrew balanced toby on his shoulder.
 and caught him before he fell.
alex and zach purchased and set up the most amazing fireworks show, complete with full soundtrack.
 there is no cuter dog.
 no joke, that is actually water that i'm drinking.
 riddel and bailey bonded.
 and i rocked some america shades that the lanier ladies provided (love you girls!!).
 the aaron burton band stopped by for a really fantastic show.
 and in the light of the sunset, the boys jumped off the dock.
 which is quite a long jump...
 and chris chose to dive...
 no injuries!
 the cherry laurel catered an amazing dinner that entailed fried chicken, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, and more!  they even brought along gluten free chicken and gf cinnamon rolls for me!!  (and they were heavenly)
 and then began a fireworks show for the record books...
alex and zach kicked it off with a clip from the end of the movie independence day.  yeah.  that one.
 and it was epic!!!
 at the bottom of this picture you can see the boys rejoicing in their accomplishment.
 alex and zach, codenamed alejandro and the white russian, toasted their success with the tiki and their signature drinks (just as the dude would).
 and we all hip hip hoorayed with our very american budweisers!!
 and then a spontaneous dance party broke out!!
 so much love in one room!
 we are truly number one.
 eventually the lights went down and gangsters paradise began to play.
 yes, i would have to be standing on top of the bar to get this angle...
 we all danced and sang until our voices were gone.
 alex was an amazing dj.
 oh there was dancing.
 there was rapping.
 and two old people even made it to the end of the party!!
 can you even believe how sweaty i am in this picture??
 i love dance parties!!
 the final day was a day of recovery and relaxation.  and maybe some jet ski...

 and some more dock jumping..
 chris always dives..
 we had one last amazing sunset and a beautiful evening together.
 toby was cold and totally tuckered out.  dave wrapped him in a towel and he slept off the weekend exhaustion.
and so the sun set on another fantastic fourth of july weekend!!

congratulations to my blue team for dominating the lake olympics this year!

and many many thanks to everyone that participated and helped out with this years festivities!!  i already can't wait till next year...

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