this week from the iphone

hello all!
this week hasn't been terribly eventful, but lets get caught up anyway.  the following are the previous week as seen from lindsey's iphone:

we caught toby munching on a stray mushroom while i was hard at work in the kitchen...  are mushrooms bad for dogs?  probably.  add that to the long list of things toby loves that are bad for him..
 in addition to sneaking the mushroom, toby figured out how acrobat himself up onto the trashcan.  we left him alone over night the last night jon and haley were here and of course we came home to find the trash raided...  he ate half a coffee filter full of grounds, a large amount of pad thai, the remains of those kettle chips, 2-4 shrimp and many more shells, and who knows what else... the coffee hyped him up a bit and he ran in circles for hours.
 he smelled terribly.  like coffee and shellfish.  so he got a bath!
andrew and i recently had dinner at "le magic pan," a small restaurant in hilo that specializes in crepes and magic shows.  this is the owner performing a trick.  yes she wore that hat the whole time, yes she had a trick that ended in her holding a live bunny, and yes there was very dramatic music.  any arrested development fans know why i enjoyed this so much!
toby has been ultra cuddly lately, but if i don't cut his hair soon he might actually become an ewok.
 we have spent a lot of time on the couch lately...
 the mavs games have been so exciting!
andrew and i had our first date at a mav's game- it happened to be mav's vs. heat in the finals!! (in '06) so this series has been fun- a grand rematch!  here is chris bosh feeling the sting of a mavs victory..
 toby and i spent a long day at the beach watching andrew surf.
 andrew got sick this week, but toby has been taking great care of him.
 i found this lovely creature in my shower the other night.  i didn't handle it well.  i think he is the biggest cockroach i have ever seen... 
 i was eating my granola breakfast in bed the other morning and toby decided to take initiative.
 and he demonstrated great persistence!
 i found myself mid plank in a jillian michaels ab circuit, when toby discovered how tasty my face sweat is!  it was a welcome distraction from the terribleness that is exercising in one's living room.
 can you see the smudge?  we have sliding glass doors in the middle of the house (weird, i know) that are always always open.  i shut them the other day because the traffic noise outside was inhibiting my phone conversation (thanks hawaiians with gigantic trucks) and i forgot to open them again.  later, toby ran in, full speed, to greet me.  unaware that the doors were closed, he smashed into them.  he yelped and cried and was clearly very confused...
 we have more visitors coming this weekend and i'm so excited!!  but there is plenty to do to get ready..

also, my mom and my sister left today for kenya!
they will we there almost three weeks and i'm so jealous!
good luck guys!  i really really wish i was with y'all!


  1. Ah, love more Toby loves food stories! Have a good week! love, mom