this is how we celebrate the mavs championship

and the party continues!!
we got breakfast at kens and everyone downed some pancakes while i looked on sadly...

 side note: we got home from breakfast to find that the back door had blown open and toby was gone.  i freaked out.  we all ran around the neighborhood calling him "toooooobyyyy!" and he never came back... suddenly i saw andrew biking toward me with a little tobe in his arms.  i had been crying and it was the happiest sight of my life!  apparently he got bored and wandered a few blocks over where a family keeps their dog chained up outside.  he was playing with his new friend when andrew found him.  toby is an adventurer!

the next day we drove to hapuna beach to get some sun (that has been seriously lacking on the hilo side).  and we definitely found it!
 the sand was hot!
 and the clouds were wispy.
 we got all sunscreened up and hit the water.
 after a fantastic photo..
 hey underwater johnny!
 me and ma girl!
we splashed and jumped and got smashed with waves!
 there was even some boogie boarding.
 this is johnny's underwater jet (in honor of the mavs win).
 by the time we left everyone was a bit burned and a lot sandy.  we headed to our hotel and went straight to the pool!
 we wasted no time ordering some beverages.
 lins in pool.  (johnny photo-bombed, but i cropped him)
 johnny looking stylish:
 that evening we hit up happy hour at a cantina.  5 dollar margs?? yes.
we even got some "queso" that was really just that nacho cheese stuff that comes in 10 gallon buckets. ick. texas, i'm coming!!!
 we sat out on our balcony and watched the sunset.
kona never disappoints!
 the next morning we took a drive down to captain cook, where the view is unbelievable.
 on the way home we found ourselves in some crazy fog!
i made everyone get out for photos.
and it was chilly!
 yay fog!
 love these two!
 group timer photo!
 all the trees and hills totally disappeared in the clouds.
our night in kona was great!


  1. that last fog pic is gorgeous. oh my gosh. that whole having visitors visiting thing is so freakin fun!!

  2. I'm gonna miss seeing all these beautiful water pictures!! And I'm sooooooo glad that Toby didn't go too far to find a friend. ...p.s. I haven't seen any baking pictures from you lately!