a tattoo to remember you, hawaii

tattoo time!!
of course i'm not going to be in hawaii this long and not get some ink..
so i did it today-
at south seas tattoo (which i highly recommend).
i have been thinking about this guy for a while, so i was super pumped to get it done!
 simon was awesome- he totally worked with me and designed exactly what i asked for (basically, a much better version of the sloppy drawing i brought in)!
and here is the finished product!
he is a humpback whale. one of my many amazing memories from our time in hawaii.
if you have ever seen a whale in real life, you know how peaceful they are. they perfectly represent why i am in love with the ocean. they are gigantic but still so graceful. when you hear their songs from below the waves, you feel like you are peeking in on a whole different world.
i couldn't be more excited about this new art on my back!
hope everyone loves it too..


  1. I love your tattoos! So pretty!

  2. I love it! It looks so good! You wear the ink well my friend.

  3. So gorgeous!! Def perfect for hawaii! I have been dying to get mine lately and I am just so nervous it wont be exactly what I want- I love that you just do it. I have got to just do it. I love it.

  4. Beautiful. I have never heard the song of a whale in person and now I have a longing to hear it. ...I'm requesting a post on the rest of your ink. I don't think I've ever seen your script and tree! :)