rainy falls and sunny south point

the rain just won't stop in hilo, but we haven't let it slow us down!  we went to akaka falls in the rain- and brought toby!  he loved it.  there were sooo many new smells!
 i am just obsessed with the moss on the trees- especially when they are covered in rain drops.
 toby climbed the stairs (sort of).
 even the small waterfalls were gushing!  there was just so much more water from all the rain- it was nuts!
 look at the big one!!
even toby was impressed.
 there was so much water, the mist was rising up to where we were!  it was just absolutely beautiful.
 the next day, the boys fancied the idea of a day on the couch.  the girls fancied a day of adventure! (duh)
so we left them behind and drove down to south point.
here is marisa at the most southern point of the united states!
 you can jump off, but it scares me wayy too much.
we watched two girls do it and they seemed to have a blast, but i wasn't convinced.
 we wandered around the shoreline watching the giant waves crash.  the wind wasn't quite as abrasive as the last time i was there, so it was much more peaceful!
 i liked this rock.
he is a loner.
 i also liked this blue jeep.
 the colors are just so vibrant!
 the adventuresome duo:
 and what a sight it was!
we saw weird rocks like this:
and a pair of abandoned sun shades.
 on the way home, we stopped by punalu'u to look for some sea turtles, but there were none on the shore.  but we did let our toes enjoy some black sand!
what a way to wrap up the trip!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love the loner rock! All the pics where gorg and I love the rain drop moss too! Sometimes I think we share a heart! ...maybe we're heart twins!!