popping champagne because we won the championship game

our friends, johnny and marisa, came in town for a visit.  we abusively forced them to go snorkeling right away despite their exhaustion after a full day of flying.

 it was a really pretty evening and it felt so nice to see these two again!

 the next morning we woke up and headed out to go surfing!  toby loves when we go surfing because he always gets to come along.  he gets so anxious, sometimes i think he is going to fall right out the window...
 so i hold on to his handle.
 we arrived to see a crowded beach and some ginormo waves!  the boys surveyed the water.
 they grabbed their boards and got ready to hit the water.

 marisa and i sat on the beach and cheered on our men.
 johnny did great for his first try- though he did sustain a minor toe injury.
 toby was loving being there with us.  he cuddled up with marisa on her towel.
 it was a great morning!
 the boys, post surf.
 johnny and his injury.

 we threw the surfboards back on the car and stuffed toby in his bag and headed back home- it was almost time for the big game.......
 we decided to go eat lunch out and have some beers to get ready for the mavericks game.
 we were soo excited for the game!
 we got home after lunch and immediately put on our best mavs attire.  toby's jersey somehow got left in dallas (sad) so i gave him the next best thing- a green hoodie.
 we watched intensely and were on the edge of our seats the whole game.
 mavs win!!!!!
 we bought a bottle of champagne in advance- just in case the mavs brought us a victory!
 sure enough, they did!
 we all jumped up and down and screamed and screamed!  it was so exciting.  we wanted all our boring old neighbors to hear that we were texans.  (as if we aren't abrasively loud every day)
 we took a group shot that came out terrible!  but i'm still sharing it..

 then it got awkward when we got to the 10th photo... too many timer shots.
 this shot brought tears to my eyes!
dirk and jet- bff's
 the evening was beautiful and the sunset was grand!  we sat outside and grilled celebratory steaks.
 mavs dinner!!
after many many hours of screaming and jumping and cheering- we turned in early.
so glad johnny and marisa made it in time for the game!
and there is so much more fun in store... keep checking back!!

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  1. yea mavs!! and hawaiian visitors!! or really visitors to hawaii. whatver. and i love the pic wall! love it. totally doing it.