the pizza means "i love you"

i am a believer that everyone has their own way of saying, "i love you."  some are more understated, and you have to know the person to hear them saying it.

this week, andrew made me a pizza. i can't eat gluten. gluten things include bread, beer, muffins, pancakes, tortillas, bagels, crepes, sun chips, and pizza crust!!  (many many more things too, but those are the ones i miss the most)... there are gluten free products you can purchase (frozen breads, tortillas, muffins, etc). not only are these things usually frozen, but they also usually taste a lot more like sand than bread. so, this week, andrew baked me a gluten free pizza crust- from scratch!

here is the dough while the yeast was doing it's thing:
he chopped up my favorite things to go on top (and raw jalapenos for his side).
see?  pizza crust.  and the tomato paste.
as the crust baked, i smelled smells of bread and got so excited!
then he spread on the tomato paste:
ta-da!  it looks so pretty!
we used onion slices to divide the pizza in half, then decorated each side according to our likes.
clearly, andrew's side involved way more jalapenos and garlic.
then we cheesed it up and baked it a bit more:
it was the greatest pizza i have ever had!
and toby reaaaaally wanted some...
thank you for my gluten free pizza, andrew!
i love you too.

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