the official announcement

this post has nothing to do with marriage or babies!!  so don't freak out..

but i do have some good news and some bad news.

really, it's the same news- and you may interpret it as good or bad...

do you get it?

we are coming home!

i couldn't be happier about this decision.  it is one we have wrestled with and stressed over- i have definitely cried over- and debated back and forth and back and forth.  basically, hawaii just hasn't gone as planned.  i frankly don't feel totally comfortable blogging my feelings on the many subjects that have pushed us toward leaving hilo (blog hate is never a good thing).

the following is what we will miss about hilo:
- the weather being perfect every single day
- leaving every window permanently open with no need for a.c. or heating
- having fresh ahi at our fingertips for as many meals as we desire
- the fact that maui is only a 20 minute plane flight away
- going snorkeling every single morning
- being as tan as a native hawaiian (almost)
- growing the best oranges ever in our backyard
- watching whales migrate through the islands during your drive downtown
- not feeling weird walking into public places without shoes (or shirts in andrew's case)
- being able to tell our friends, "yeah come take your vacation at our house!"
- trying to pronounce street names like "kalanianaole"
- not wearing makeup (i haven't put on face makeup since january 5)
- falling asleep to the sound of a million coquis frogs
- seeing some of the earths most beautiful sights on a daily basis
- our (very small but very wonderful) group of friends here
- poi  (just kidding)

what we won't miss?  sure there are plenty of those too- suffice it to say:
we are excited to be closer to you again!

toby is most excited to be back with his doggy friends: "bailey, tanq, copper, leila, munkee, scrappy, gus, ozzy!! i'm coming back!!" (says toby)
don't worry, we won't mail him.  he is riding doggy first class (meaning between my feet rather than in the cargo hold). 

our flight home is on june 29th

see you then!!


  1. Yeah good news for us! Can't wait!

  2. Oh my gosh, this just made me giddy! When you say "home" does that mean "DALLAS"????

  3. this is the post i have been waiting for my whole life. i am so excited!!!!