jon and haley farewell post

many laughs await you in this post...

wednesday was our last day with jon and haley in hawaii. we were majorly bummed to see our mega-vacation over already, and we wanted to end it with a bang.  hilo had a big storm roll in (big surprise) so we drove to hapuna beach.  we really wanted to stay over there but couldn't afford more hotel rooms.  we decided to check craigslist (andrew's idea)- it was genius!  we found a crazy cheap backhouse unit and rented it for the night.  we arrived to find it's location to be just perfect and the view spectacular!!
 i mean, just look at that view!  and it was all totally open so you could feel the wind blow straight through the living room.  it was on a quiet four acres and felt like a tree house.
 and there was a boom box...
 andrew decided to lather himself up for the beach.  amused, i noted that he was starting to look like a body builder.  he responded with this awesome pose:
 jon joined in and they did some pushups.  note andrew with the paper towels.  he was so oily he was sliding away.
 here is jon's best pose:
 look at those muscles!!
(that was intended to be read as the terminator would speak)
 they could only hold the serious face for so long till everyone burst out in laughter.  thank you for indulging us, boys!  we love you and your tan muscles!
 we went straight away to the beach and played frisbee.
 jon and haley are definitely leaving with a solid tan!
 the weather couldn't have been better.

 then it was swim time!  the waves were big and we brought the boogie board.
 underwater lindsey!
 jon surfed in a wave and managed to look right at the camera.
 then he did a handstand- in a wave!
 me and andrew! (sort of)
 haley totally caught some waves!
 and was loving it!
 there she goes again!
 jon in wave!
in order to get these great shots, i had to get totally pelted with waves.  i was a little tired and a lot sandy.
 the lorax and i relaxed on the beach some more.

 perfect day!
 the clouds were beautiful.
 and, of course, the boys managed to do some frisbee-ing.
 friz. b.
we spent the evening in our little cottage in the hills.  it was wonderful.

jon and haley, it absolutely means the world to us that you guys went to all the effort to get here and spend two weeks with us.  sharing this beautiful place with our favorite people was so special and i hope you had as much fun as we did!  we got to be there for your engagement, we swam with dolphins, hiked the most southern tip of america, road horses in the waipi'o valley, tanned, cooked, swam, explored, had far too many cocktails, and took  enough pictures to keep me smiling till i see your faces back in texas!

until then, aloha!

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