hilo hangouts continue

besides guest posting, our vacation with johnny and marisa continues!
yesterday was overcast so we went to coconut island (a little island in the bay).
i like that only marisa is aware of the picture being taken:
 here's my new toe color that i'm a fan of
 even though the sun wasn't totally out, it was warm.  the ladies chilled in the grass while the boys flayed with the friz. (b).
 oops.. it got stuck on the roof..
our boys macgyvered a plan to get it back; they tied two towels together.
 wouldn't you know, the towels got stuck too..
 andrew scaled the wall of the men's restroom and then rescued the friz.  rather than toss it down, he sent it sailing to johnny from the roof.
 mission accomplished.
 then they jumped off the tower.
 i like andrew's hair and johnny's style.
 there was arm wrestling.  marisa almost won.
 ohhh but johnny took the cake.
 man challenge:
 it was a tie.
 then more epic friz began.  here is johnny's diving catch!
 style points all over the place!
 trying to catch it on the head...
 there was much relaxation.
 then we headed to coquis hideaway for some billiards.
 marisa is so much better than me at pool... i totally held the girl team back.
 it was a grand match.
 ps- coquis hideaway is a somewhat trashy bar in hilo.  it has fluorescent lighting and dirty carpet.  the food is too greasy and not very good.  but we still had a lovely time!
 the winner's circle:
 andrew and johnny posed with a trophy (that was possibly intended to be decor).  they said it was in honor of the mavs win.
 a little more pool playing...
 it was great!
 the next morning we went back for more surfing.
 the sun was shining and beautiful.
it's a beautiful place to be! 
 marisa and i swam in the river.
 while the boys surfed.

 what a way to start the day!
 then we headed back into town to get a bite of lunch.
 and we walked about downtown hilo.
 isn't it cute?
 and everyone got bentos for lunch.
later the boys played a game of golf while the ladies soaked up some more sun on the beach.
tomorrow we are going to go see kona... check back soon!

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