farmer's market finds and a chili tangent

we had one last saturday at the hilo farmer's market and it was a huge success!  i was so please with the color variety of our fruit and veg- i had to photograph.
(yes i weirdly put it on the railing for photos- it's the best light in the house)
 these strawberries were grown hydroponically and tasted like candy!
 baby tomatoes!
 maui sweet onions and radishes:
 i love the root vegetables- they look like they have hair.
 and finally... 
evil chillies!
these chilies were labeled "hot peppers" and andrew said, "yes please," to such a description. we came home and he took a bite, which was very large, in my opinion. he said, "wow, these are really spicy" and then took another bite. then he said "oh my gosh, i have never had anything this spicy, lindsey!" and that, friends, is a notable phrase from an andrew gill.

next, he googled "hottest pepper on earth" and up popped a picture of his chilies. they are bhut jolokia, better known as ghost peppers. they are twice as hot as a habenero. andrew not only continued to eat them, but he even sauteed some with jalapenos and onion!

in chopping and cooking these peppers of death, the unthinkable happened. i walked into the kitchen to find toby about to snatch a stray bit of suicide pepper! i screamed, "noooooooo" and (slow motion style) dove in and snatched it away from him. such spice could kill a tobe! andrew and i sighed a sigh of relief and went back to our business.

long story short, i made the fateful mistake of not washing my hands with paint thinner after handling this bhut jolokia pepper, and, of course, managed to get it on my hands, face, lips, and even a bit around my knee where i had an itch. i died a slow and pepper-ful death and am still (two days later) wary of touching my face.

for more ghost chili excitement- check out this indian woman that set the ghost chili world record! she ate 51 of them in two minutes and rubbed the remaining seeds in her eyes as the clock ticked down. absolutely absurd.


  1. Oh my gosh! We talked about these peppers at dinner last night!! Andrew is INSANE in the MEMBRANE!!!

  2. hahahahha! oh gosh, 51 is a lot. and i freakin love the baby tomatoes. i want them right now.