waipi'o horseback ride

i have a long and frustrating history with the horse.  he and i have never gotten along.  jon and haley love horses.  andrew probably falls into the like category as well.  needless to say, we did a horseback ride yesterday through waipi'o valley.  the valley is beautiful and immense.  the only way to get into it is four wheel drive (and that only gets you so far), horseback, or by foot.  hence the horseback ride.

we arrived at the stables after boarding a van at the designated meeting point.  the van then drove down a near vertical winding road while my white knuckles clenched the seat in front of me.  we were under instruction to not wear seat belts and to leave the sliding door open, in case of brake failure.  oddly enough, we signed the waivers after this van ride.

i revealed my trepidation to the group and the (unbelievably nice/helpful/friendly) guide plopped me on the first horse.  then my horse took off to go eat.  i said, "no horse, you can't eat!" but he didn't listen.
 once everyone was on board their animals, we set off on the trail.  i was scared.  i would also like to point out that my photo skills on horseback are pathetic.
 but look at the beauty!
 mountains all around!
 andrew was on a giant horse
 the guide had three little dogs that followed along the whole trip.  they were super awesome and reminded us of a combination of toby and scrappy (on of j & h's big dogs).
 there are my homies on horseback:
 the guide snagged us some mountain apples to sample.  they were actually delicious.
 more beauty:
 my polish matched that rope.
 massive trees all around:
 we went through lots of streams and even some deep ones where my feet got all wet.
 and the little doggies kept up the whole time!
 jon's horse had a bit of a temper and seemed grumpier than the average horse.
 andrew's horse was just massive.  he also hated line cutters.
 check out this horse bromance:

 we stopped for a cool down.
 all together!
 jon and haley loved it!
 running through the water!
 jon and his noble steed.
 group photo!
 and it was a beautiful day.
 ps- i have a problem with people that voluntarily wear the helmet even though it isn't necessary.
i still hate horses, but i loved the adventure!
i highly recommend this tour.  if you are interested: see this website.

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  1. Andrew looks like Aaron from Ghostland, on that horse!