volcanoes national park

what a day!  day four began at our friend sean's highschool graduation party.  it was a huge party with huge amounts of food.  look at all this:
 we ate till we were stuffed and i made j & h taste the poi.
 then we drove to volcanoes national park.  stop number one on the tour?  steam vents!
 jon's glasses got steamy.
 group shot in front of the crater that actually blocked the crater entirely...
with our guidance, jon did one of those silly tourist pictures that looks like your holding the eiffel tower or, in this case, smoking the volcano.
 there it is!
 bffs- loving the volcano tour.
 then we drove around to the side and got a much better angle on it.
 the boys wasted little time before climbing under the safety rope and exploring closer to the edge.  they live for danger.
 even the drives between beautiful/amazing stops are beautiful/amazing!
 then we saw the lava tube!
 it's like a cave, kind of.  there was lava running through it, but it all squished out and just left a long tunnel.  this one is giant.
 there was a lady tourist inside the tube with us that kept belching.  it was uncomfortable.
 then we climbed about on some lava rocks.
 j&h took advantage of some scientist's equipment and tried to look as busy and smart as possible.
 then we made it down to the coast to see this beautiful sea arch!
 the waves were crashing on the rocks and the colors were so amazing.
 there's me:
 again, jon and andrew getting as close to the edge as possible.
 these rocks look like skin to me.
 haley climbed up high.
 tried for a jumping shot... only half of us made it.
 palm tree peek!
 h-bomb and i in the palm tree forest:
 jon tried to coax down a coconut.  it resisted.
 andrew gave it a climb, without much success.
 the sun was setting.
 on our way back up we stopped for a pic of the coast.  down there on the left at the very edge of the water is where we were!
 i'd say it was a job well done, little blue!
 and finally, we ended the day with margaritas.  buck even joined us!
and today we are driving to kona for a few days.  hopefully the posts will continue.  toby has to be boarded (he is very sad).  see you again soon!  xoxo

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  1. I am so happy to see yall are having a great time! Tell Jon and Haley Hi from us!