a very special surprise...

we drove to kona!  poor little tobes had to be boarded for a few days while we go relax (sorry toby).  first we drove to hapuna beach and spent a few hours in the sun.

andrew worked on tanning his upper thighs..

 then we went swimming!
 underwater lins:
 underwater hay:

 we did some boogie boarding
 then we checked into our hotel, the royal kona.  shout out to our friend and royal lahaina employee, josh speed, for once again hooking us up!  he upgraded our room to an ocean view and its amazing!
the restaurant sits right on the water and we had lunch and happy hour by the waves.
 it was yum.
 then we watched the mavs game...
 there were fans from both teams vacationing at the hotel.  there was mass cheering!
 haley and i got mai tais!
 go mavs!!
after the mavs won we cheered and cheered!  it was such a fun game and we couldn't have been watching it in a more fun location!
then we sat by the pool and watched the sun go down. 
 cute little jon and haley at the sunset:
 andrew wasn't there for a sunset pic.  jon offered himself as a replacement.
 then the most wonderful thing happened!  andrew and i left to go get snacks from the convenience store.  jon and haley were hanging out on our balcony watching the luau that was happening down below.  the music was nice and the dancing is always fun to watch.  unbeknownst to us, jon popped the big question!  i love these two people so very much and i am so so happy to see their love and commitment to each other!!  congrats, you two- all our love and best wishes from us!!
 it was dark but we snapped some engagement pics by the water (much more to come)...
 the ring is amazing!!  the ring was jon's grandmother's engagement ring.  it is completely unique and beautiful and jon perfected it with a big rock!
 we ordered a fancy bottle of champagne to celebrate!
 andrew made a sweet toast and we celebrated all evening!  cheers to you guys!
 of course we got dessert... it was this mass of rich chocolate covered in a raspberry sauce and fresh fruit.
 fancy champagne!
 and, duh, we got shots of patron.
so much excitement!!  today we plan to sit by the pool and lounge...
hurray jon and haley!!!  hurray awesome hawaii vaca!!


  1. Our warmest congratulations to Jon and Haley! Beautiful, ring, beautiful couple and our kids best friends!!

  2. Andrew... your thighs are tanned to perfection!

  3. sooo awesome!! congrats guys!!!