toby surfs

what could be better than starting your monday off with some surfing??
we decided to bring toby along, and, of course, let him wear his new surfing tank.
 me.  toby.  and starbucks.
 we sat on the picnic tables for a while and watched the surfers.
 even though it was early, the sun was hot.  to keep toby cool, i wrapped him in my wrap.
 there's andrew!
 toby and i applauded.
 andrew came ashore to say hello.
 then we all walked down to the beachy area.  the rocks are treacherous and watching toby navigate over there was beyond entertaining.
 then we gave toby a chance on the board.
 he seems to have actually felt quite relaxed on the water.
 surfer dog!
 though he looked relaxed, when andrew pushed the board toward land, toby leaped onto the beach.  maybe he didn't love being on the board.
we took this picture for johnny, who noted that these coconuts look a lot like toby.
toby just looks so fly on the tie dye towel..
love this red surfboard:
and i have no idea why toby looks so bizarre in this photo!
he refuses to look at the camera..
look at this beach cuddle!
i also liked this board:
we left honoli'i and dropped off the tobe.  then we went for a snorkel!
there's andrew
there's me!  trying really hard to smile for the camera..
we stayed out for a long time.
and spotted a gigantic urchin!
it was a sunny day and the visibility was fantastic.
i finally got a good photo of a trigger fish! or as we say here in hawaii...
yes i wrote that from memory...
and finally we spotted a honu.  but he was hanging out where there is a lot of fresh water so he was hard to see.
the day ended with a fabulous sunset (a rarity for this side of hawaii).
now we just have a couple more days till visitors!!  i am so excited, i can hardly stand it!


  1. Ditto on Maggie! And Toby looks like a pro on that board!! LOVE all the pics, you're giving Heather a run for her money! (what a weird saying)

  2. freakin cute. everyone in this.

  3. ok I'm really wanting a picture of all 5 of you, so get Buck to take one , Pleaseeeeeeeeee! love

  4. oh yes ditto Maggie! smoking!