toby realizes that the garden is edible

toby clearly wanted to sit on this pillow.
 thank goodness andrew was there to fix it for him
 he took a warm afternoon nap
 he and andrew are best friends
 today, i went surfing with andrew.  by that i mean i went to to the beach and watched andrew surf.
 there he is, on the right!
 this little girl was an awesome surfer.  she was like four years old...
 a coconut kept me company
 the waves were really big!
 i brought my new pens (love) and did some drawings
 after the surfing, we came home to grill some burgers for lunch!  toby really wanted a bite...
 ps- check out our almost oranges!  this one is so close!!
 toby loves to lay on the black tarp and get toasty
 it was a really beautiful day
suddenly i spied toby munching something...
i tried to take it, but he resisted
 toby is a tomato thief.
 our dog doesn't chase away the birds and mongoose..  rather, he beats them to the garden and munches up our veggies...
the good news: i'm getting ever closer to a completed semester!  next week is finals and then- summer!!


  1. yeaaaa! and then july is for the states!! woo hoo!!!!!! tobes cracks my stuff up on that pillow with his new bestie andrew. love them. and really want avery to be that little girl when we come. hek, i want tobe that little girl.

  2. I thought the picture of the coconut was Toby for a min. Love you guys, can't wait to see ya!