sailing in hilo bay

friday, andrew and i got to go sailing with our friends floyd and his brother, tim.
 here's the boat.  it turned out to be a really pretty day.
 this part of the beach is where they keep all the canoes and small sail boats, so i took some photos.
 floyd got the boat ready to go.
 look at how pretty the sky was!
 blue chair
 more boats
 i told you it's been raining!
 but the sun was shining.
 the boys put the boat in the water.
 i hopped on (in my unbelievably attractive harness).
 i'm sailing!!!!!
there wasn't tons of wind, but floyd's boat is really fast.  just a little wind was enough for a great sail!
 hilo looks so cute from the water:
 splash splash!
 there's my toes
floyd went wayyy out on the side.  i was afraid, kind of.
 after a while, we came back in and i traded places with andrew.
 tim and i chilled on the beach with the blue chair.
 unfortunately, the wind slowed way down after my trip.
 what a lovely little boat it is!
 thank you so much, floyd!  sailing was so fun!!
what a fantastic day.

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  1. That boat looks awesome!! ...are there no waves on that shore line?