prouder than proud

i am lucky to be an oldest child that still has a "big sister" role model to look up to.
my sister, heather, is an amazingly talented person and i am more proud of her every single day.
i just wanted to take a second to share with you guys her:
 in case you have never seen heather without a camera up to her face, just look how beautiful she is!
 and and the only thing that surpasses her own beauty is her ability to see it in the world- and capture it!
i see photographers (thanks to facebook) on a daily basis that butcher people's precious memories by taking terrible photos.  occasionally there are artists that not only preserve, but possibly improve people's memories!  heather is one of those!!
her website is far from complete and i'm sure she will update it often.
check out some of her stuff and if you are ever in the dallas area/ in need of a photoshoot- hit her up!
love to all!


  1. i knoooowwwww!! i love it!! and i love you. you guys are both so freakin talented. i was just thinking about how i want a painting of yours in my house. but, you know. not like today. someday. when you have time. i love yall. the end.

  2. lindsey :) you are so precious! thank you so much my love!