a pink blanket to say 'i love you'

when i was a little girl, my mom made me a pink quilt that i cleverly named "pink blanket."  she picked the fabric, cut the squares, and sewed each one together.  i watched her make it on the floor of our living room and i remember, so clearly, my four year old amazement.  since it was given to me, pink blanket has lived everywhere i have.  it has been snuggled until the stuffing is practically gone, but i am just never warm enough without it.  every time i have cried, pink blanket has caught my tears.  it has comforted me on my most lonely days, and it has always brought a bit of joy and color to my room.  i love it more than anything i own.  

my pink blanket was made to represent love.  it was made to keep me warm and hold me tight when my mom couldn't.  this is who my mother is.  she finds ways to say "i love you" every single day.

mom, there are hardly words to describe what you mean to me.  you fully embody what a mother is.  your gift on this earth is the ability to love and it is unparalleled.

i love you to the moon and back.
happy mothers day!

ps- let it also be noted: i can put pink blanket anywhere in the house and toby will find/curl up in it.  your grandog loves you too.

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  1. This is the sweetest thing ever!! Your family is soo precious!!!