kona sunsets are the greatest sunsets

tuesday morning, we went to breakfast.  andrew felt really hungry, so he ordered two breakfast burritos.  they brought them out on two separate plates and he felt kind of silly.
side note: i was about to click "post" when i noticed how funny it is of me to say that andrew felt silly about receiving his breakfast on two plates, but not about my having braided his hair into pigtails... for the record, that is also silly.
we moved from breakfast to the pool.  and got bloody marys (duh).
andrew and jon felt really pumped up after all the tomato juice, so they did some killer beach pushups.
jon took it to a whole new level.
 after a long day at the pool and a lot of pool games/competition, we went to happy hour at rosa's cantina for some margaritas!  i'm not sure if it is coincidence that we keep finding mexican food...
 there's that pretty ring again!
 high five.
 fantastic marg:
 aaaaand the couple pics!
haley felt she wasn't very camera ready (if that is possible) for the actual proposal, so she got a little more pretty and we took some engagement photos.  i took lots and lots, but here are a couple of my favs:

and finally, we ended the day at the kona inn for dinner.
the food is mega good...
and they have the best mai tais!
dolphin swim pictures coming soon...
we are headed down to the pool to watch the mavs (hopefully) win!!
here we go, mavs!

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  1. amazing pics!! i love all of the dolphin ones! love them! and is it weird that i have the same shirt as jon? best friends think alike.