jon and haley come to hawaii

jon and haley came to visit hilo this week!  they have only been here two days but we have already squeezed in a full vaca!  we picked them up at the airport with a sign.
day one: we went to richardson's to grill chicken and corn and do a little snorkeling.
 jon and haley had been traveling for like 26 hours and had to have been exhausted- but they jumped right into the fun like champs!
 love my austin friends!
 here is our masterpiece of grilling:
day two: we began the day at honoli'i for some surfing.
 andrew and jon- shaka style!
 jon says: stop photoing me, you.
 we had tunes on the beach.
 lins and andrew
 of course toby came along
 he went for a little surf
jon has these fabulous new shoes that haley isn't fond of.  he has been rocking them hard core.
 the sun was shining and the water was cold.
 haley- going for a swim:
 andrew and toby getting a tan
 the boys getting ready to rock
 toby found shelter from the sun behind haley.
much much more pictures to come- but now i gotta run!
the fun continues!

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