invert love + an unhappy tobe

hawaii has had some mega rain lately!  not just hilo rain, either... like thunder too!
the rain brings out all kinds of life that we don't get to see every day.  the busy road behind my house becomes a mass grave for tree frogs... (bit of a downer?)
today i came across this ginormo slug!
 as i photo-ed him, i thought of my dear friend, sarah.  she also has love for invertebrates!
she has a fantastic blog, kittens and pit bulls- there is the link to one of her recent posts that i'm obsessed with!  she writes a lot about her adventures in costa rica and all her wild encounters with the creatures there- awesome.
by the way- look at those little slug eyes!
 he slowly inched away...
 these flowers got really excited about the rain.
 when the rain shows up, the moss comes out and lights up the sidewalk with green!
(for the record, i don't own a lawn mower or a weed eater- and no, the neighborhood association isn't thrilled about it)
 mossy rocks
 flower pot
 more mossy rocks!
 the rain still hasn't left!
 no grass.  just rocks.
(toby hates it)
 rain drops
when it rains, toby loves to sleep all day on my sweater.
 then he heard the b-word...
he hid under the coffee table for a while, then andrew plopped him in the b-a-t-h...
nothing is worse...
now he is back on my sweater.... wet.

hope your day is better than toby's!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love the slug pictures and the one of his eyes are redic! ...thanks for the shout out! :)

    I'm jealous that all you have to do is pick Toby up for a bath. I have a to drag a pit bull from underneath our front office desk each time all the way to the back bathroom! Haha ...he always knows when it's coming!