hanging out with dolphins

today was dolphin swim day!!!
 with all the homies.
 it was overcast but the water was beautiful.
 on the way to the snorkel spot, we were surrounded by dolphins!  they were jumping and spinning and swooping all around our boat!  we got pumped up.
they are called spinner dolphins- because they love to spin.
see??  spinning.
jon and haley were pumped up ready to get in.
our first spot put us right in their path.  we all got in the water and then dolphins just started swooshing past us!  it was exciting.
see?  swooshing.
then we moved on to a deeper spot where the dolphins hang out after a long night of hunting.  it's fun because you can dive way down and everything just looks blue.
swimming andrew.
swimming jon.
swimming haley.
then we looked down and spotted some little white specks down below.
then the dolphins swam right up in the middle of us!
it was exciting!
when the dolphin weren't around, we took swimming pics.  that's haley and andrew.
this might be my favorite swimming pic.
here was a big group that came up right next to me!  i was so startled that i took a blurry picture.  (sorry..)
then we saw a manta ray!  haley said the manta photo bombed this picture- hilar!
there's jon.
some of the dolphins were even still jumping and playing even though most of them were going into sleep mode.
they come up for air, then dive right back down!
and we would dive back down too.
the visibility wasn't fantastic so my camera didn't capture the dolphins quite as well as our eyes did.
but you can totally see how close they were.
jon got a little nauseous thanks to all the bobbing around in the deep water.
andrew and haley went in for the last snorkel while jon thought about puking and i hung out for moral support.  i'm really glad they got in, though, because there was a really good view of a huge manta.
haley took these.  they came out great!  i especially like this one because you can see just how big the mantas are compared to a human.  that human was especially good at holding his breath and could swim down really really far.
after a long boat ride home and a slow recovery, jon was feeling better.  we had lunch at "bite me," a place that sells fish tacos.  yum.
what a day!
it was so amazing to get to hang out with the dolphins all morning.  we spent the rest of the day harassing oklahoma city fans at the bar and cheering our mav's on to the finals!  it was so much fun!  today we drive home and rescue toby from the kennel.

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  1. Linds those pictures are GORGEOUS! I love that blue and the dolphins are insane!