what is your carbon pawprint?

happy earth day!!
on this day of the earth, i thought i would share some of toby's ways to reduce his carbon pawprint.

he helps in the garden by keeping andrew company.
these are officially the first yield of andrew the horticulturist:
 he also has a doggy bed made from recycled plastic bottles!
 just a little dog trying to do his part.
and look at that tank top- represent some ocean love, toby!
 organic dog food!
no pesticides for this pup...
luckily toby's voracious appetite is not backed by stomach size, so we don't have to spend our life savings on organic dog food.  only half a cup a day for the little man!
 lastly, toby always insists on reusable shopping bags.
here he demonstrates how handy one is:
 tobe in a bag!
 here he asks, "why am i in this bag still?"
 "thats enough of this photoshoot..."
 "for serious.  let me out."
happy earth day to everyone!!
earth is our only home, and i encourage everyone to do their part to protect it!
350.org is a great resource to find out how.  or you could...
read a book about climate change, plant a tree, hang your laundry, go solar, be efficient with your energy use, try to avoid purchasing plastics, compost organic waste, raise your thermostat 2 degrees this summer, pick up trash, walk/bike instead of driving, write a letter to a government official!  no one is perfect or can do all of these things, but every little bit helps.  our planet will thank you, as will all future generations of life.

ps- happy bearthday to miss haley collins!

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