"today was good. today was fun. tomorrow is another one."

apparently there was a little bit of confusion in the flower shop.  my mom texted me this afternoon to explain what the card on my flowers should have really said.  i feel like the intended text was much sweeter.  who would have expected someone in hilo to do their job poorly??...  (sorry hilo, that was uncalled for).  but aww- how sweet is the intended card?  love you mom!
 after school, andrew fixed a little dinner- bbq chicken tacos- yum!
and i gave toby a bone that i got him from the grocery.  it was about the length of his head, so i figured he could chew on it for a few days.  wrong.  it vanished.  i left the room for 2 seconds and came back to toby licking his feet.  how is that even possible??

so then my little bottomless pit took a nap (ie- treat coma).  he awoke to lindserazzi and sleepy fur.
 he got comfy again.
 and i tucked him in:
 and today's lindsey treat is a new polish!
clearly not a professional paint job, but i'm kind of obsessed with how pink the polish is.
and my feet look a bit orange... and no, heather, i don't shave my toes.  leave me alone!
now i will treat myself to an early bed time and planet earth (caves or jungles?)...
love to all!

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