toby loves a park

toby's severe lack of friends combined with our almost as severe lack of friends has resulted in many more park adventures.  as you might guess, this is much to the delight of mister tobe.
even the slightest jingle of keys makes toby's heart leap!  if he actually see's his leash being picked up??  unimaginable excitement...
 he looks out the window the whole way and as soon as we near the park, he starts dancing in circles in the back seat.
 as andrew opens the back car door, the tiny ball of happiness is unleashed into the field!  its a full sprint for at least 5 minutes!  (his legs are only a few inches long, so 5 minutes is like a human marathon)
 he likes to run with andrew, but always stays a safe distance from his nemesis...
...the soccer ball 
 the park has these great bridges that swoop up and down like how you drew water when you were seven.  we all three run up and down up and down.
 pause, while toby catches his breath.  
 then we go duck hunting.  luckily, a duck has yet to stand up to tobe, and he is still convinced that he is bigger than they.
 we are dog parents.
this is the water/park on a really pretty day:
 this is toby watching the water- wishing it was drinkable.
 by the end of the playtime his tongue has grown significantly.
thank goodness for a breeze!
 there is less jumping and window looking on the drive home.
and that is toby's favorite part of the day.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Toby's tongue looks like it's going to fall off! He's too freakin cute!!