re-vamped by heather halbert

my sister, heather, is my best friend in the world.
 and her pup, bailey, is best friends with toby.
she called this afternoon and we talked on the phone for literally 3 hours.
we face chat, phone chat, and screen swap.
she made me laugh till i couldn't breathe for the first hour.
then she spent the second hour re-vamping the blog for me!
isn't it great??  i'm in love!  her sense of style is just amazing.
heather, i am so thankful for you and your talents.
you totally made my blog beautiful,
but you also made my week.  every time i talk to you, i am happier afterwards.
all my love, forever and ever.


  1. sooooo....im obsessed with you?
    its 1 37 am and i actually could not care less...
    i love our long chats. and i LOVE the bog!
    oh...and i love you :)
    bailey loves you too! even though shes PISSED shes not asleep right now...

  2. So am I! I love yall both!! Facetime me soon

  3. i LOVE THIS!! heather halbert! you are amazing!! like this is so freakin fantastic. i love this. seriously love this~

  4. Toby totally looks like a surfer boy in his new picture!! Super cute!!