the party never stops...

i have presents!
mail presents have been calling my name ever since they arrived on my porch.  sunday, i shall open them.
my family sent me flowers today too.  it's an enormous arrangement!
lots of colors- especially pink and orange.
and (thanks to our friend warren) we finally hung the dart board!  i now present- our new hangout pad in the basement:
100% true story: i threw the inaugural dart and got a bullseye!  i'm anticipate greatness from this board.
me and my excellent dart:
and then we got to do another awesome thing today!  every spring, the university of hawaii has a scrimmage.  each year they go to a different island.  this year is our turn and so andrew and i got to go!  and since we were with allan, we got to go down on the field and talk to all the cool people.  go warriors!
of course i was wearing my party shirt.
those are warriors:
on the way home, we stopped by a gas station.  i got a laugh out of the time limit on their parking spaces.  13 minutes??  15 was just a little too long...
we came home and chilled a bit.  then we got to go to a big dinner at our friend allan's house.  we ate delicious food (in mass) and got to chat with the uh coaches.  and i tried opihi for the first time!  (a member of the gastropod family and a hawaiian delicacy) it did "taste like the ocean" but in a good way...  we had a really lovely evening.  only one more hour till actual birthday!


  1. Glad its finally your Birthday!! Have even more fun!! Love the pics!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you and miss you so much! Be on the look out for a -belated- package in the mail. p.s. shipping stuff to HI sucks. :)