my awesome birthday

what a birthday i had!  (and will continue to have)  i woke up sunday morning to flowers and coffee from andrew- white orchids- amazing.  then i found the unbelievably touching blog my sister wrote for me: #iloveheather.  i cried.
 toby was somewhat happy about my birthday, but all the present opening, paper rustling, phone calling, and clothes changing made him oh so nervous.
andrew's card was awesome: nascar- wishing me a happy birthday from start to finish.  and he gave me a dress that is just beautiful- i'll show you it in a bit.
 we were going to have fruit and mimosas, but mimosas seem to just rob you of champagne.  so we skipped the oj.
 then i opened more presents!  andrew's mom and dad sent me some much needed texas gear as well as some fantastic books- touching and hilarious!
we shared the little doggy book with toby.  he did not think it was as funny as we did.  clearly he felt sorry for the equally exploited pups.
 he wanted to participate in the fun, but he didn't want us to think he did.  so he kept a little distance.
 the big box was full of party decor!!
 then heather's present-
 comfy clothes!  which i, oh so desperately, needed!!  ultra comfy and ultra cute.
 um, look at this card!  cutest little turtle ever!!
 then i opened one from my mom and dad.  after a rant about packing peanuts killing sea turtles (ahhhhh stop using peanuts!!!) i dug in.
 the actual present was bubble wrapped in such a way as to withstand a nuclear holocaust.  *whew* the birthday present is safe.  but what is it??....
 a new camera and underwater housing!!  now i can take pictures of things i see on snorkel trips!!!
 oh the excitement was indeed great.
 we had a long awaited phone call with miss sarah gill, my own sister, our parents, grandma gill, and a few friends (thank you guys so much for my birthday calls!) and then we were on the road to kona!
 i love this view of our little hilo bay:
 the drive is just stunning.
 and the scenery is constantly changing.
 look at those trees!!  they look like pencils.
 toes on the road.
 hello blue skies!  where have you been??
 our turn in waimea is, ironically, called "lindsey."  this pleased me double on my birthday.
 check out my birthday shirt!  on da beach!
 andrew is the best.
 we had many laughs.
 then we tested out that new water case!
 boogie board time...
 even some boogie surfing.
 water toes.
 hey, guy.
 wave- smash.
 the waves weren't great, but the day was fantastic.
 after a little sunburning, we got back on the road to make it home in time for our fancy fish dinner!
 oh and i baked gluten free rainbow cookies.  they took ages to make and only seconds to throw away: gluten free baking = no good!
 here is my new dress!  isn't it pretty?  the best part is the back though... no photo though.
 we had dinner at seaside- the only "fancy" hilo restaurant.
 oh em gee- clams for appetizer!  they had this spinach/tomato broth and were to die for.
 i had the best clam chowder of all time.
 andrew had a salad that disappeared before i could photo it.
 then we both ordered fish: i had the ono with macadamia nut pesto.
 andrew went for the grilled mahi.
 and a birthday bottle of wine.
our dinner was made possible by andrew's mom and dad- thank you guys, so much!  it was such a perfect evening and the food was the best!

and to everyone else: thank you so much for loving me and for sending me so much birthday joy!  i am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family!


  1. that looks like a fantastic birthday! sooooo wish we were there. love you and miss you and glad you were celebrated!

  2. Great birthday pictures

    Have fun