lindsey learns to paddle board

look where we are staying!!
 andrew and my father played beach frisbee for a while.
 this is andrew getting smacked by a wave!
 frisbee throw...
 palm trees!
 i had a delicious beverage on the beach...
 here's me and andrew on the beach:
 then we rented paddle boards!
 we got a tutorial from the rental guy and then set off to sea.
 andrew carried my board for me.
 i was the only one that didn't fall in the first 10 minutes!
here, jon, linda, and myself looked back at the camera (andrew).
 this is andrew getting up on the board:
 this is andrew paddling:
 this is me sitting:
(i really like to sit on the paddle board instead of stand... it is a lot more relaxing)
 linda fell...
 here's me and andrew on the water.
 we came in after like 45 minutes and had another beverage.  i got a coconut slush with a little booze (so yum!).
 and i wore my flower.
the rest of the evening involved napping, a sunset, and a fabulous dinner!
what a fantastic weekend!  we have lots planned for tomorrow.. so check back!

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