ipads and appletinis!

no blog yesterday.  sorry.  i was too distracted by my new...
it is so awesome!!

 then, andrew and i went out for a drink and an appetizer.  i tried to get toby to take a birthday picture with me, but when he feels grumpy he looks away from the camera.
 much better!
 i had an appletini at the restaurant.
 then i tied the cherry stem in a knot.
 tah da!
 36 seconds fools!
 then we went to a super classy joint called coquis hideaway.  but they have pool tables and happy hour, so it works!  i can never remember what order you put balls in...
 and i won.
it was an early and yet fantastic evening!
i'll blog again later and tell you about today!
birthday almost here!

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