happy april

happy april!!
do you know what april means??
that's right! it's tsunami awareness month!
but do you know what else?

lindsey's birthday!

you may feel free to wish me a happy birthday any time before may 1st.
i am a firm believer that any holiday worth celebrating should be stretched into an entire month of party. so let the party begin.

it rained in hilo virtually all of march. it was wonderful and i loved it, but toby got a little tired of being inside. and andrew got a little tired of not surfing.
today we awoke to sunny skies!
naturally, andrew and buck went surfing.
side note: this photograph made me aware of those creepy horses on my garage wall. clearly not a decor choice by me (horses are my nemesis).
andrew told an animated tale.
we admired the blue skies.
and they set off!
good luck, boys.
the waves turned out to be a bit gigantic. after a few beatings they came back for me and tobe and we headed for the beach. for some reason, toby really wanted to sit up on the back of the chairs. but every single time we braked, he fell into the back. *thud* and every time he just jumped back up.
it was hot and toby needs a trim. we helped him out with a dunk in the pond.
and then we made him a towel tent.
hot or not, toby had a fantastic day!
on the way home, we stopped for some hilo homemade ice cream and shave ice!
it. is. the. best.
boo blurry picture.
yum lime shave ice!
once home, andrew and i (and by that i mean, 100% andrew) made a chicken curry. fantastic as usual!
uh, ps: we have either stumbled upon a wonderful and little known secret, or our taste for a "fine wine" has de-evolved. either way, andrew and i have become big fans of our daily red. yes yes, it comes it a box. but how many other great things come in a box?? chocolate? milk? birthday presents? dog treats?? (toby added that one)
anyway, check it out!
thanks for reading, and cheers to a lovely sunny saturday!

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