fish watching and fish eating

april 4, 2011. lindsey saw and octopus.
bucket list item 73- check!
i was snorkeling with my marine bio lab at 8:00 am this morning- looking for fish and sketching a few when- hello! octopus!
i didn't take this picture, but this is the kind he was. he was turned the color of the rocks and you could barely see him. i even got up real close and saw his eyeballs. he was nervous and kept squishing himself into his rock hole. so happy to meet you, octavia!
and do you want to see what i just whipped up for lunch?
yeah, it was amazing. you should try it!
i modified my ahi tacos into little bite size appetizer portions. just chop the fish (raw), put a blob of guacamole on each chip, set the fish on the blob of guac, then spoon a scoop of soy sauce (mixed with a generous portion of wasabi).
hope your monday was a good start to the week!
only a few days till birthday!
i think i'll treat myself to something every day of this month. today was ahi nachos.

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