first snorkel with the underwater cam

jon and linda (parents) are in town!  they came to hilo for my birthday.  that plus all the homework i've had has prevented me from much blogging (apologies).  wednesday i took them to richardson's beach for an early morning snorkel.  we were lucky and it was sunny!  (but the water was "apparently" still cold)
 jon says we are crazy for swimming in the ice water.  jon also says what's up in this picture.
 if you couldn't tell before, this is the new underwater cam!  check out that boxfish!
 this is richardson's ... under water!
 this was a giant wana!! (pronounced vah-nah)  i love them.
 and this is a little wana house.
 check out that red guy!
 hey fins.
 hey upside down andrew.
"look, lindsey is trying to photo us."
 "heyyy camera!" (as i chop jon out of the pic)...
 this is the reef:
 this is me! (a bit ick, but whatevs)
 look at that purple algae!  so pretty.
 and as we came in, we passed a ginormous honu (turtle).  i warned a girl that he was right by her left leg.  she didn't listen.  honu are larger than you think and can be quite startling when you meet them underwater.  she put her face in and started to swim into him.  "ahh!!!" she screamed and jumped out of the water.
 it was the perfect start to the day!  and now i have conquered the school week and am greatly anticipating the coming weekend!  can't wait to share it!  xoxo

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