birthday party round two

toby got a long walk yesterday and it really tired him out.  he fell asleep mid bone chew.
 then we all were invited outside for a belated birthday celebration!
 a bottle of champagne:
 so fun!
dad popped the champagne: 
 quadruple cheers!
 toby chose to hang out in the garden...
 then mom brought out the "cake."
 it was actually gluten free banana nut bread.  if you are a non gluten eater and if you are in hawaii- eat buddha belly gf bread!!  it is so heavenly...
 25 candles to blow out!
 oops.  only got 24... no wish for me.
 i thought i would share a bite with tobes.  he thought he would eat a bit of my finger as well.
 then i opened my presents from the grandparents!
 pearls from my grandma!  they are so beautiful and i have never owned pearls before!  i love them!!
 then i opened my gift from my grandad.  they said i had to read the card to understand the gift.
 check it out toby.
turns out, my gift was one of the cigars my dad gave out in the hospital on the day of my birth.  grandaddy said he wanted me to have a gift on my 25th that was also 25 years old!  he kept it ever since april 10th 1986 and said he has looked at it every day and thought of me.  i cried.
 then my parents said, "we have one last surprise..."
do any of my old blog readers remember chauncey?  if not, i'll remind you:
he is my favorite piece of art ever.  i have loved him since the first day i saw him (like 10 years ago)!  he was crafted by the amazing, jim budish and now....

he is mine!!
 mom and dad put a lei on him for the birthday celebration!  ahhhh i am in love!!
 as if i hadn't gotten enough love and attention on my actual birthday- thank you to everyone for making me feel so special!!  i couldn't have asked for more perfect gifts!!
that was a bit of a lindsey slide show... sorry- lots more to come this weekend!

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  1. I just got teary-eyed reading this post! I was talking about you this morning to Paul, about how I think your family is so loving and perfect. The love you all have for each other shows. And now I can obviously say that it started with your grandparents. How sweet was your grandpa with the cigar and your parents with Chauncey?!