birthday dinner and dolphin swim

this is the beautiful hallway through the middle of mauna kea hotel.  the whole place is open and you can feel the breeze and hear the birds.  snails and geckos are free to come hang out inside.  it is beautiful.
saturday night we met for drinks and to watch the sunset.
and look what a sunset!
i showed mom how to look more hawaiian.
then we went to dinner at the fancy restaurant at the hotel: monettes.
ps- look at my mom's martini in the left corner!  maybe everyone has seen this version of a martini glass, but i hadn't.  it sits in a little bowl of ice and has no stem.  i loved it.
i had some lobster risotto (yum).
and duck (oh so yum).
then i spilled some of my wine...
the waiter came to help and he spilled the rest!
a champagne toast accompanied my favorite dessert.
and it was a beautiful dinner!
the next morning was rainy.  we woke up extra early and drove back to the harbor.  a boat took us out to a special spot where we got to...
swim with dolphins!
when we first jumped in, all i could see was little specks of gray way way way down.
they had just come back from a long night of hunting squid and fish in the deep ocean.  they come back to the shore and circle around the bottom while they "sleep."
this is a lindsey dolphin.
as a dolphin "sleeps" he shuts down half of his brain (and closes one eye) to rest it.  he keeps swimming, coming up for air, and watching for predators.  once half of his brain has rested, he swaps to the other side!  so these dolphins were all in rest mode.
here you can see their colors really well.  they are spinner dolphins (very common in hawaii) and are recognizable by their long noses and distinct pattern.
here they are diving back down after snagging some air.
i had quite an issue with mask fog this time...
hi!  (look at that tourist huddle behind me- grasping their noodles)
andrew is a good swimmer and he dove down really deep.
hey andrew!
back up for air!
look at all the dolphin tails!
andrew followed close behind them.
bye dolphins!
they kept resting and we hopped back on the boat.
it was totally life changing!!


  1. Lindsey! I'm so jealous..I want to do all of these things when we visit! seriously. Glad you had a great bday. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you :) misss youuu

  2. these are awesome pics. and you're making my hate my boring ol' life in Dallas...

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