5 days till 25

5 days till birthday and i continued my birthday treats...
i had to wake up extra early to study for a morning test (that ended up taking ages).  the good thing about an early wakeup in hilo is you are guaranteed an amazing sunrise!
 i might have quit studying for a bit to watch it.
 after i got home, andrew and i went to the beach and snorkeled.  it was a bright sunny day so we could see really well.  then we went home, ate lunch, and sat outside to soak up a little more sun.
 and we streamed kut from my phone!  (miss you, austin)
 toby really needs a trim...
 he and andrew sat together in the sun.
 and watched cars.
 the black tarp on the garden is toby's favorite hangout.
 i watched the clouds get dark.
 and our sunny day became a cloudy day.
we are currently under a 48 hour flash flood watch.
 and then i got flowers from my family!!!
beautiful?  yes.
my family is aware of my love of the number 5 and all numbers divisible by it.  other numbers are ick.  i anticipate 25 being an epic year for me.
  i also think the card would have been written with exclamation points, had my mother done the typing.  another obsession of mine (besides 5) is punctuation.  when i type an exclamation point, i mean that excitement.  when i end it with a dot dot dot (...) i am probably drawing out the last word and am most likely annoyed.  and when people ask a question but end it with a period?  my brain has an anxiety attack.

now now, readers:  put down those phones.  no need to call my psychiatrist just yet.  those are my only weird obsessions.  besides my extreme hate of spearmint gum...  i think i am secretly afraid of twins because of those old commercials.  (double your fresh- double your fun?)  why would adult twins be dressed identically?!?

anyway!  i told you i was treating myself this week.  today's treat:
my favorite magazines!  oh and bon appetit is a really good one this month (though i may say that every month).  and real simple is real adorable.
 bring it on, wednesday!


  1. loving the blog makeover!

  2. hek yes! 5 to 25. love it. i mean that. emphatically.

  3. dude...totally read it today bc of the make over...words and all...no joke..

    love you ;)