a rainy day is a no park day

this is toby getting some andrew love:
 mmmm head scratches...
 then we asked if he wanted to go to the park...
toby answers "yes" by spinning in a circle, then his ears stand up and he says, "are you serious?!"
 then he runs off to spin a circle again.
 "but are you really really serious?!?"
 yea!!!!!  park time!!!!
 but today, it was rainy...
 nothing to do but sit on andrew's shoes and wish we could play outside...
 even when i tried for a photo together, he hung his head...
rain rain, go away (says tobe)


toby loves a park

toby's severe lack of friends combined with our almost as severe lack of friends has resulted in many more park adventures.  as you might guess, this is much to the delight of mister tobe.
even the slightest jingle of keys makes toby's heart leap!  if he actually see's his leash being picked up??  unimaginable excitement...
 he looks out the window the whole way and as soon as we near the park, he starts dancing in circles in the back seat.
 as andrew opens the back car door, the tiny ball of happiness is unleashed into the field!  its a full sprint for at least 5 minutes!  (his legs are only a few inches long, so 5 minutes is like a human marathon)
 he likes to run with andrew, but always stays a safe distance from his nemesis...
...the soccer ball 
 the park has these great bridges that swoop up and down like how you drew water when you were seven.  we all three run up and down up and down.
 pause, while toby catches his breath.  
 then we go duck hunting.  luckily, a duck has yet to stand up to tobe, and he is still convinced that he is bigger than they.
 we are dog parents.
this is the water/park on a really pretty day:
 this is toby watching the water- wishing it was drinkable.
 by the end of the playtime his tongue has grown significantly.
thank goodness for a breeze!
 there is less jumping and window looking on the drive home.
and that is toby's favorite part of the day.


what is your carbon pawprint?

happy earth day!!
on this day of the earth, i thought i would share some of toby's ways to reduce his carbon pawprint.

he helps in the garden by keeping andrew company.
these are officially the first yield of andrew the horticulturist:
 he also has a doggy bed made from recycled plastic bottles!
 just a little dog trying to do his part.
and look at that tank top- represent some ocean love, toby!
 organic dog food!
no pesticides for this pup...
luckily toby's voracious appetite is not backed by stomach size, so we don't have to spend our life savings on organic dog food.  only half a cup a day for the little man!
 lastly, toby always insists on reusable shopping bags.
here he demonstrates how handy one is:
 tobe in a bag!
 here he asks, "why am i in this bag still?"
 "thats enough of this photoshoot..."
 "for serious.  let me out."
happy earth day to everyone!!
earth is our only home, and i encourage everyone to do their part to protect it!
350.org is a great resource to find out how.  or you could...
read a book about climate change, plant a tree, hang your laundry, go solar, be efficient with your energy use, try to avoid purchasing plastics, compost organic waste, raise your thermostat 2 degrees this summer, pick up trash, walk/bike instead of driving, write a letter to a government official!  no one is perfect or can do all of these things, but every little bit helps.  our planet will thank you, as will all future generations of life.

ps- happy bearthday to miss haley collins!


birthday dinner and dolphin swim

this is the beautiful hallway through the middle of mauna kea hotel.  the whole place is open and you can feel the breeze and hear the birds.  snails and geckos are free to come hang out inside.  it is beautiful.
saturday night we met for drinks and to watch the sunset.
and look what a sunset!
i showed mom how to look more hawaiian.
then we went to dinner at the fancy restaurant at the hotel: monettes.
ps- look at my mom's martini in the left corner!  maybe everyone has seen this version of a martini glass, but i hadn't.  it sits in a little bowl of ice and has no stem.  i loved it.
i had some lobster risotto (yum).
and duck (oh so yum).
then i spilled some of my wine...
the waiter came to help and he spilled the rest!
a champagne toast accompanied my favorite dessert.
and it was a beautiful dinner!
the next morning was rainy.  we woke up extra early and drove back to the harbor.  a boat took us out to a special spot where we got to...
swim with dolphins!
when we first jumped in, all i could see was little specks of gray way way way down.
they had just come back from a long night of hunting squid and fish in the deep ocean.  they come back to the shore and circle around the bottom while they "sleep."
this is a lindsey dolphin.
as a dolphin "sleeps" he shuts down half of his brain (and closes one eye) to rest it.  he keeps swimming, coming up for air, and watching for predators.  once half of his brain has rested, he swaps to the other side!  so these dolphins were all in rest mode.
here you can see their colors really well.  they are spinner dolphins (very common in hawaii) and are recognizable by their long noses and distinct pattern.
here they are diving back down after snagging some air.
i had quite an issue with mask fog this time...
hi!  (look at that tourist huddle behind me- grasping their noodles)
andrew is a good swimmer and he dove down really deep.
hey andrew!
back up for air!
look at all the dolphin tails!
andrew followed close behind them.
bye dolphins!
they kept resting and we hopped back on the boat.
it was totally life changing!!